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[10 Oct 2030|10:26am]

comment to be added.

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[13 May 2015|11:23pm]
the motherload of writing samples

[14 Mar 2015|07:33pm]
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[13 Mar 2015|08:55pm]
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[25 May 2012|05:43pm]

this is a really awesome hp board with three really great rpgs - one is marauders era au, the rise of voldemort; one is next-gen with a quickly-spreading, debilitating disease that keeps wizards from music magic; and one is trio-era, following the aftermath of the second wizarding war.

toujours pur
toujours pur
toujours pur

[06 Dec 2010|12:35am]

[17 Oct 2010|01:57am]

[16 Oct 2010|05:29pm]
JOIN [info]roborant BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME. (boys are strongly encouraged!)

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